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· One min read
Harrison Smith
Marta Gallardo
Alistair B
Sean Zeigler
Maiko Tuitupou

We are excited to announce the titles for the two games that we have been working on.

First is a mobile game, where you can collect clucks on the go! This will be released on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Marta is heading up this project's design. See more about E-Cluck-Tic (A Chicken Collector Game) at

Sunderspore, a 2D Combat-Adventure Platformer. Follow us to get hints to the storyline behind Sunderspore. We plan to release this game on Steam, GOG, Nintendo, Playstation, Xbox. Coming to Kickstarter soon, release schedule will be defined there. Alistair is heading up this project's design. See more about our game at

We hope you are excited to see what we is to come with our game! Thank you for taking the time to read our post and stopping by. Stay tuned to learn more about other projects and our release dates!

Sunderspore and E-Cluck-Tick Social Image for Releases